USS Indianapolis

I was going to wait until tomorrow and post this along with the Warrior Wednesday thread, but that article is long already, and this really is a momentous piece of news which deserves it’s own spot.

The attack on the USS Indianapolis happened as the ship was headed back to the Philippines after delivering parts for the atomic bomb (known as “Little Boy”) which was  dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II.

The Indianapolis, a Portland-class cruiser sank in 12 minutes on July 30, 1945, after it was struck by a Japanese torpedo. At first only about 900 of the 1,197-man crew survived the sinking, but after facing dehydration and exposure, drowning, and shark attacks, only 316 survived. The disaster became the U.S. Navy’s single greatest loss at sea.

This past weekend, Paul Allen, billionaire philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, took to twitter to confirm that he and his 13-man crew discovered the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis, which was sank during an attack in World War II.  The wreckage was said to be found in the Philippine Sea at a depth of over 18,000 feet.

Here’s an interview from one of the survivors,

Footage of the discovery August 19th, 2017

On a sad note for our Navy and Army today, it was confirmed that the remains of some of the missing sailors from the USS John McCain have been found.  Also, the search for the 5 crashed Black Hawk crew who went missing off the coast of Hawaii has been called off.
My heart and prayers go out to fellow crew and family of all.

#NeverForget those who die in the service of our Country.

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