RED Friday Roundup

In light of Fridays here at the HB being focused on Remembering Everyone Deployed, it is still hard to know that more troops and air power will be heading back to Afghanistan.

It is unclear how many U.S. troops are in already in Afghanistan. Officially, there are supposed to be around 8,500, but with Special Operations forces and other units constantly rotating in and out of the country, it’s possible there are a few thousand more than that. There are also about 5,000 troops from other NATO and coalition countries.

President Trump didn’t elaborate on specific numbers, and while his reasons were valid- thinking of how too much information was bragged about for the past 8 years which put our troops in more harm’s way, the Pentagon settled on 3,900 after testimonies given to Congress earlier this year.

Gen. John Nicholson, commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support, at a recent press conference at Kabul mentioned that “In the coming months, U.S. Forces ― Afghanistan and NATO will increase its train, advise and assist efforts in Afghanistan. And we will increase our air support to Afghan security forces.”

Defense Secretary Mattis has said he is working on getting an accurate count of forces before requesting more.  The military keeps a daily, accurate count of forces but for obvious security reasons, that number is not shared publicly.

I have the utmost respect for our troops and over the years my respect only grew in light of the ‘leadership’ they have had to work under.  I know that many are glad to be serving under Trump now.  I have no doubt that however many are sent, will do their jobs to the best of their abilities- my doubts never lie with those on the ground.

My heart is heavy that more will be sent, because for the past decade the ongoing fight in the Middle East seems more piecemeal and made all that much harder for those over there with all of the destructive measures the previous administration put in place.  I just don’t want to see more of our best over there if  it’s going to be a continuation of appeasing politicians and civilians over here.  Only time will tell. I pray they will be able to do the jobs they’ve been trained to do and that there are enough sent, if they have to be sent at all, to do get the job done.

My heart is with a couple of them over there somewhere now, and my prayers will always be with them and all our troops, no matter where they are. God please keep them safe and in Your care.

Onto other news, these are a couple of stories shared by Sufferfortribe.  The first one is special because the youth at his church spent a weekend this summer cleaning and landscaping the grounds of it.  I love it,

Homeless Iraq Veteran Moves into his Unique New Home

And then there’s this one,

West Point dedicates barracks to ostracized black cadet, Tuskegee Airman

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Friday, and that you’ve got your RED on.


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