I Want to Go Back

As folks get older a lot of times one can’t help but wonder if we could have a “do over” on just one thing in our lives, what would it be.

Like most folks if they’re honest, I could think of plenty I wish I could do over.  I think about this sometimes as subjects similar come up, even though I know it’s a futile point as there are no do overs.

Sometimes this could be a way for the enemy to keep us in guilt for serious things in our lives which are impossible to change or ‘fix’, even if we could go back- so it’s not good to dwell on the past that way. But it can be a lesson for how we treat others or do things now and in the future.

So, for tonight’s open thread, the questions are, if you had one ‘do over’ that you could go back and do, what would it be and why? And how can it help you now, knowing you can’t do it over?

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