Kidnap is directed by Luis Prieto and stars Halle Berry. This movie was actually made back in 2014, but to do the original studio going bankrupt, the release date was pushed back several times. Well after 3 years (and a different studio taking over the movie), it finally has been released.

The plot is really simple. Halle Berry plays a single mother who’s going through a bad divorce. She takes her son to a park and the second she leaves him to take a phone call, he gets kidnapped. From there, the movie consists of car chases and fight scenes until the inevitable conclusion. It’s a simple premise and the best part about the movie is Halle Berry. She is what holds this movie together. Her character is one who is strong, protective, and will do anything to get her son back, though it can be said that some of the things she does in order to get her son back are reckless and dangerous. She isn’t great here, but does a good enough performance. The rest of the actors did an ok job.

However, apart from Berry, the rest of the movie is a mess. The story had potential, but the execution of it is rather poor and predictable. This movie takes itself seriously, but some of the stuff that happens is way over-the-top and unrealistic. Berry also occasionally overacts, so at times, you’ll enjoy watching this for the wrong reasons. It’s more like a standard action movie than a dramatic thriller. Some scenes were well-done while others were more silly. The action scenes were decent for the most part, but the car chases were done in a mediocre way. After awhile, it becomes somewhat boring. The editing is the worst part of the movie. During key action scenes, the camera cuts between multiple shots, making the movie feel quite choppy. The visual effects and camerawork were just ok.

Overall, Kidnap is a decent movie. It’s more of an action film than a drama. Hally Berry does a mostly good performance and some of the action scenes were exciting. However, what hurts this movie is somewhat poor directing, terrible editing, and a story that’s just average. I give it a 50%. It’s not worth watching in theaters, but because the run time is very short (under 90 minutes) and it was entertaining (in both good and bad ways), it’s worth watching on-demand if you have nothing else to do.


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