RED Friday Round Up

For this edition of our RED Friday, it’d be a bit of a change in addition to remembering all our deployed abroad, to also think about those who have been helping in the rescue efforts in Texas this week.

H/T to Daisy for finding an cool article about the Coast Guard Cadets

U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadets in New London, Connecticut are creating maps showing the locations of people in Texas who posted on social media that they needed help during Hurricane Harvey. Coast Guard search and rescue coordinators in New Orleans have told the cadets to keep sending the information.

The Acadamy says it’s the first time the Coast Guard has used intelligence derived from crowd-sourced social media for disaster response. A rescue coordinator told the cadets the reports could be especially valuable in a few days when cellphones no longer have power.

Also from Daisy, a great video of our Coast Guard and Texas National Guard,

Here are some amazing videos of the efforts by the US Army Reserves, New York National Guard and the US Navy.

Here are some great photos of different ways our Military have been helping Texas.

And then there’s this, tweeted from Army Ranger Vet….

You all are awesome and God Bless our amazing troops.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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