Hurricane Irma Continual Open Thread

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about hurricanes over the years, it’s that they are unpredictable.  While I am in full prep mode right now with Irma picking up strength, I’m trying hard to maintain as I keep tabs on every new update position.

While I don’t know what the next few days have in store, I was thinking of doing a hurricane thread later in the week, but when Lawngren suggested an Irma thread, I agreed and thought it’s a good idea to do it now. Hopefully we can put out some information that folks might find handy, or share ideas with each other on how to best be prepared no matter where it goes.

As of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, at 11:00 am Tuesday Sept. 5, Irma’s track is still heading in our direction for anyone in south Florida. I always check both NOAA site and Weather Underground’s Tropical Outlook site (click on the button at the bottom of the photo where it says storm details) for plots, projections and even weather fronts.  From past history, watching Hurricane Charlie back in 2004, I was watching an early cold front coming down from the Midwest which I knew could push Charlie into a turn once it went through the Florida Strait.  So, believe me, I check everything.  I have been told by many native Floridians that chances are high that when a hurricane passes through the strait, it usually hits the gulf coast of Florida, so I take that into consideration as well.

That said, Irma could still make an early turn and head up the east coast of Florida, and end up hitting somewhere up the coast or even one of the South East States- so it’d be a good idea for everyone to keep their eyes on this.  And pray for the people of the Islands down south who are going to be getting hammered badly.

I did an early morning run to Walmart here where I live, knowing they’d be out of water. Facebook folks from all over south west Florida have been reporting water outages at most major stores here. If anyone has a problem getting any bottled water, the only option I have  is to fill as many zip loc freezer bags (at least 3 per person for at least 3 days) with drinkable tap water, and put them in the freezer. This will serve not only as drinking water later, but also if/when power goes out, it will give extra cooling to frozen foods.

Also fill up pots, (pre-scrubbed with bleach- and let dry completely) bathtub and if you have garbage cans- line the can with a new heavy duty bag and fill it too. You can use that for washing, cleaning and filling toilet tanks.

If you have an ice maker start cranking out ice and pre bag in the freezer, you can use that for coolers if you need to evacuate.

Batteries, candles, lighter/matches, extra pet food, baby food/formula, radio, flashlight, medications, personal hygiene supplies and first aid kit needs to be handy at all times, along with important documents and papers.

Make sure your vehicle is topped up with gas- especially if you’re like me and don’t have gas cans. The lines were starting at the gas stations here for RVs and trucks.

If you’re going to need to evacuate, or thinking of it, make sure your car is loaded with your personal things the night before you plan to go- and be prepared, the highways will be jammed. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to go.

I’m sure there are other things, but as I type now I can’t think of it all- so anyone with suggestions feel free to add what I may be missing.  Most folks know not to go out after the storm, especially if there are a lot of downed trees and electric wires. Just be safe everyone. Keep your eyes on the updates, even if you don’t live in Florida.

If it looks as though it’s coming my way,  I will have my laptop with me, but may not have power even if we evacuate, but I will try and get hold of Daisy to let everyone know how we are.  Not sure if I’ll get much posted after tomorrow, I have nothing more lined up after our Warrior Wednesday thread.  I’ll suggest folks come back to this page to keep it as an update for those of us who can, and open thread.

Oh, one more thing. Lawngren posted this on Walter’s last Grand Canyon Journal entry, want to re post here for folks who may not see it, and if you know anyone who lives down this way, please give them the link to this page. TY!

Need to contact Proud Nana and tinlizzieowner ref moving to NC for a week or so ref Irma refuge. Anyone who has contact info, tell them if it’s a need / possibility, contact me at 919-317-2359 or

Don’t worry- whatever happens, and wherever it happens, God is in control and watching over us.

Love you all.  Duckie

Here’s a live stream in Punta Gorda.   The person doing this stream said they’ll stream as long as they have power so we’ll know when the area has lost power.  Daisy 12:21

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