It’s still happening

I’ve been so focused on keeping track of what was going on in American Duckies immediate area and keeping in touch with her that I didn’t even really look for any positive stories associated with this storm.  But its still happening!  I found the following story on facebook.


I witnessed a wonderful scene at a Cullman gas station on Hwy. 157 this afternoon. A family from Florida displaced by the hurricane was getting gas and some snacks to continue heading north up 65. They had two young children and two small labs which of course I had to ask if I could pet. An older gentlemen and his wife walked over, introduced themselves, and asked if the family had a place to stay. The young dad told him not yet but hoped they would soon. The older man told them that he and his wife were sitting at home watching the news, and they felt the Lord had laid it on their heart to host someone in this situation. They had a fully furnished rent house they had just purchased and felt like they should make it available to a family in need. They shared names, address, and references so this family wouldn’t think they were crazy. I loved it when the older wife told them, “We never come out here to buy gas, but we did today for some reason.” I could tell the family still wasn’t sure, but they did agree to follow the couple and check it out. The older man said, “If it’s ok, let’s go over to Cracker Barrel and get you fed first.” The young mom started crying, and I could tell they were all road weary, so this was welcomed relief. They left heading to CB, but those of us standing there watching this scene unfold were teary eyed ourselves. The lady pumping gas beside me said, “And THAT, my friends, is what Jesus would do.” What a great feeling to watch two families being blessed…one by giving and one by receiving. What a powerful memory I will cherish!

This is an open thread.

I have a prayer request.  Olivia went for a biopsy for nodules on her neck last week.  They called this morning and she needed to schedule an appointment for a do over on Thursday morning.   She’s not sure why but is concerned, needless to say I am too.

Praying for Nana and hoping our American Duckie has power restored soon.

If you haven’t read Lawngrens thread from this morning, I hope you will all take the time to read his story.  Even if you aren’t a young man contemplating marriage, you will be blessed.  🙂

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