I have pretty much stayed away from politics for the last several months. Weary and forlorn I could hardly bear to even watch the news on TV. Recently though it seems I have found myself commenting more and more and I’m not sure why. I can tell you I don’t like what it’s doing to me so I’ve gone to the Lord about it.

Most people here know I didn’t vote for Trump. In New Jersey I was allowed to write in my choice and so I did; Ted Cruz. Since then I have never regretted my vote and have slept well in the interim. However, I know many who chose to vote for Trump because they were so against Hillary.

If you have been following things for the last week or so you have probably noticed the president is starting to make a sharp Left turn. From agreeing with Pelosi and Schumer on the debt ceiling to allowing Ivanka to talk to Republicans to convince them to vote for government run childcare to his support for DACA I think we are seeing a major shift to the dark side. I have even read an article where there is speculation Trump may leave the GOP and return to his roots in the Democrat Party.

Having said all of that, some are still on his bandwagon and still dancing to the beat of his drum. However, some are not as enthusiastic as they once were. So, here’s my question. What should we do as Christians if and when the mea culpas begin? The carnal part of me wants to shout I TOLD YOU SO but I know in my heart that’s not part of the love walk which Jesus has commanded I walk.

Maybe, all of this doesn’t apply to you. Maybe, this is just me but I don’t think so because of various and sundry comments I have read. Here’s the Truth. Jesus forgave everyone and still does. Therefore, I know first and foremost I must forgive anyone who has chided me in the past or present.

Still present though is the carnal part of me who, because some put us in this untenable position of another Democrat administration, I want to blame for what I consider to be the election fiasco of 2016. How do I deal with the urge to say “it’s all your fault!” Hmmmmm.

If I want to be truly free then the first thing I must do is repent of my feelings, which can later become thoughts and possibly words and actions. If I don’t repent and let these things stew I’m really going off of the reservation and giving Satan an opening into my life. So repent it is. Besides, I know from past experience once I repent the feelings will eventually leave. The thoughts, on the other hand, I’m going to have to rebuke because if I don’t cast them down they won’t leave. Praise the Lord for his forgiveness and cleansing! (1 John 1: 9)

Secondly, I must resist the temptation to gloat when I hear the moaning and groaning from those who were swayed but are now disappointed by what the president has done. There will be many of these in the coming months so the more I practice kindness the easier it will become.

Finally, I am going to choose to love them with the love shed abroad in my heart (Romans 5: 5) because I know in and of myself I cannot do it. The Book of Romans says to overcome evil with good. Right now I have no idea how to do that but I know the Lord does so I humble myself before Him and ask Him to show me how.

PS By the way, if you see me straying from my resolve while commenting somewhere please feel free to remind me of what I said. Thanks.

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