The Second Mile

Something  SJMom talked about in her article a few days ago seemed to touch not only me, but judging by comments, a lot of folks seemed to get a lot of the same points on forgiveness, humbling ourselves and getting past old arguments that never seem to get anyone anywhere but more angry.

Seeing the atmosphere in our country these days has made me think a lot about how we can ever become a great nation again-because I know it will never come about politically.  It’s not surprising how far we’ve fallen into a chaotic and angry, frustrated and mean spirited society since God is ever being mocked, removed and kicked out.

This is a bit of a different message for a Monday morning, not quite a devotional as I usually try and post, but in a way it is, because the message I want to try and put out here is something that I know I need to work on in my own heart and life.  I can’t help but feel as what I’ve thought for a long time- that if a revival comes, it has to begin with those of us who follow the Lord. It has to start with me. It has to start with you.

Notice I’m not even going to say the church, because even the church is divided and many who are Christians still have their attentions drawn to political and social justice type answers without considering the biblical answers.

So how can I as an individual begin to change our country?  Back a few years ago I was mostly politically minded and figured to try and change our country through politics and ‘education’ and reaching people with the Constitution. Over the past couple of years I have come to realize that the only way for our nation to change is for us to reach people with Christ- even those we know ‘hate’ us and those we don’t agree with politically or socially.

There are many people I really don’t like. At. All.  Mostly politicians, media talking heads and the usual, but there are so many groups out there that I can’t stand the things that they stand for or espouse.  I know we are told to pray for our leaders, and for folks like me who are so disgusted with the lot of them, it’s hard to do sometimes.  If it’s hard to pray for them,  it’s even harder to show them love and forgiveness.  It’s hard too just to show the love of Jesus in our own actions to people around us that we don’t agree with- but that’s where it needs to start.

Most folks here probably know all this already, as do I, deep down inside, but it’s hard to put into practice sometimes. Even online I am too quick to match insult with insult, and too quick to let people get under my skin.  My sarcastic nature bubbles up quick and my first reactions are too often, not Christ like.

I can’t help but think of other stories to drive home the truths that human nature is always going to be base instinct, selfish and prideful until we let Jesus work in us.  Without Him, we can’t possibly love the people who are in opposition to everything we believe in, and who are in essence just the same as us, only without the same Christ relationship we have.

I’m not a pastor, a theologian or even much of a teacher, and most things that I write are either thoughts rambling in my head, things that the Lord is putting on my heart or a mix of messages I hear when my own thoughts have been on the same topics for a while.  That said, I think I may spread this thought out for the next few weeks because there’s a deep message that needs to be shared in more space than one article.  I hope maybe folks will put up with my ‘thinking out loud’ as I try and gather random thoughts that seem to mirror the things going on in our country these days.

For now though, I’ll leave this message by pastor Adrian Rogers talking about going the second mile. It echoes things that have been on my mind and has a lot of great nuggets to ponder.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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