Warrior Wednesday Salutes

The Korean War…

There is a reason why it was called “The Forgotten War“.

It is one war I never really knew much about either, and was usually skimmed over in history books in school.  Other than the hit show M*A*S*H, there was never much written about it for TV or big screen either.

Stuck between the Greatest Generation who fought to save the world during the Second World War, and what may still be considered the most contentious war in Vietnam, many of the boys who left for action in Korea weren’t considered soldiers or in some cases, not even missed when they were gone.  There were no big send offs, nor were there any ticker tape parades welcoming American Heroes when they came home.  In many cases they came home and quietly resumed their lives, only to reminisce down at the local VFW’s where even there, they were overshadowed by those who had marched across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East or invaded Pacific Islands.

I’d like to take time today to honor those heroes who answered the call of duty, going to a country most had never heard of and tried to protect a democratic people from the spread of Communism.

God bless all our Troops- Past, present and future. Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

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