A big hello to all from South Carolina. Enjoying spending time with mom and one of my brothers down here, relaxing (for the most part) and watching waaaaaay too much television.

We will be going over to my niece’s house tonight for a lasagna dinner, complete with corn on the cob and garlic bread…….and a birthday party for their son! Little Elijah is turning 5 years old. He is just a pure bundle of joy!

While I usually don’t eat lasagna because of the effects it has on my digestive track, I will definitely be making an exception tonight, especially if I want to eat. No messing around here, if you don’t eat what’s on the table, you go hungry…bow bow bow!


Tomorrow we will be heading to the Apple Store in Charleston to get mom a new iPad, followed by a visit to my aunt over in Mount Pleasant, which is the “upscale” area outside of Charleston. Plenty of newer and different places to eat there, which brings us somewhat into the theme for Part 3 of this series on food questions.
1) What food would you try, if you had the guts to? (pun intended)
2) What food would you not eat, even if it was the last thing on Earth? (liver will no doubt be a popular answer) 
I have a feeling that #2 will be easier to answer than #1.
Now, while there may be some strange foods available at the many places in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, I have a feeling that we will instead be dining at one of my favorite places, which I rarely get to enjoy, due to the lack of availability in Kalifornia……..Cracker Barrel, although I did eat twice at one in Arizona during my Spring Training trip in March. Absolutely yum!
Alright, let’s get this party started……….

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