It’s Fall!!

I can’t believe how quick this year has been flying by! We’re coming up into the boy’s birthday month now- gonna be 17 already! I’m not ready for that, nor am I ready for the bombardment of demands for birthday and then Christmas already in a few months. Wow where is the time going?!

It’s hard to believe today is the first day of fall. It doesn’t feel or look like it down here, and usually our oak trees back at the swamp shed their leaves in February/March.  I was thinking on the way home that my boy has never seen fall colors before. Nor snow. Or spring flowers. Everyone ought to be able to experience those season changes at least once.

I miss seasons sometimes- just not endless months of winter. But I do miss the golden leaves of the white birch, red/purple maple leaves and orange oaks.

Anyway- It may be fall, but it’s still warm enough on the porch here at the HB- so come on and have  a seat and relax.

Pretty soon there will be a big ol’

But for now, just thinking about

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Welcome to the Heart Beat, and welcome Fall…
*Note, all the fall photos are from my old town in Canada

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