By SufferforTribe

Seems as if lately there has been a lot in the news about our brave officers, and the serious dangers they face every day. Getting shot at, run over by cars, etc. Reading these stories

makes it even clearer that theirs is an occupation I could never do.

But there are stories of a different kind, showing things that our LEOs do that don’t always make the news. I’d like to share a couple, one involving humans and the other involving an interaction with an animal.

I think you’ll like them both, and the second one really shows bravery.

Since he signed up for the “Bigs in Blue” mentorship program, Detective Ryan Brady has witnessed first-hand the difference one cop can make…

Officer David McKinnon came across a skunk whose head and snout were trapped inside paper cup someone had discarded…

And what the heck, let’s make this an open thread, too. Please share what’s on your mind……within reason.  😉

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