RED Friday Round Up

It’s hard to believe it’s Friday again already. I hope everyone has had a safe and blessed week.  I have a couple of stories from Suffer, and a couple of videos I really hope people will watch and share.

This first story is cool if you like Military Air power. I have always loved the AC130 Spectre & Spooky gunships, so it’s good to see the latest ‘model’ – the AC 130 Ghost Rider getting ready for service. 

This next story is interesting.  Personally I prefer corn on my plate with lots of real butter and salt, but if this helps our Troops, then I’m willing to give it all for it…

OK one more.  My boss’s son flies drones for his business, which is a part of our business for real estate companies. He has an FAA licence to fly it and would never fly it so high. Thank God this didn’t turn into a disaster. 

Now for the videos.  I know we’re not posting much politics here, and trying to stay away from most of the controversial stuff that every other site and media outlet keep posting. It’s not that we’ve got our heads buried, but that even while trying to keep things positive and encouraging- when we do touch on some of these hot stories, we want to present them in a different way, which hopefully makes people think, and maybe even share.

This first video (H/T Lawngren) is going viral, and is an amazing ‘rant’ about this whole football, taking a knee selfishness.

This video- if it doesn’t give you pause and a few tears, well, it’s not the content of the words that’s the problem.  I pray that people will see it, and whether they agree or not, they will think about this long and hard. Because while some may say it’s first amendment rights to disagree with our anthem and flag, it’s not the flag or the author of the anthem that are being spit on…

Thank you Lord for allowing me to live in this country- with all our national sins, faults and past mistakes, there is still no other nation I’d prefer to live in. And thank You Lord for all of those who have and still give up so much to keep us safe. Please bless them and keep them safe.

Have a blessed Red Friday all.

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