What It’s All About

By Sufferfortribe

With all that’s been going on concerning the National Anthem protests, and specifically the spoiled athletes who are doing the protesting, I’ve been wanting to write something about it all.

Well, recently I came across this article, after hearing about it while watching a Cleveland Indians game. After reading it, it brought back memories from my own childhood back in Ohio. Yes, it’s about something near and dear to my heart…..baseball. But it’s also about some other things near and dear to me…..family, friendship, America, patriotism, even pizza!

Another theme throughout the article is sacrifice. What it takes to succeed, but also what some have to give for others to have a chance to succeed. That second part is what these rich, spoiled athletes don’t understand…..and maybe never will.

I want you to pay close attention when the person this article is about starts to talk about their plane landing in DC. I’m not ashamed to say it brought me to tears.

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