Hello again……from South Carolina. Enjoying (for the most part) my time here at mom’s and eating way too much of the wrong foods. I am soooooo gonna have to detox myself when I get back home. Heck, I will also have to go through withdrawals from all the TV I’ve been watching, especially the relentless consumerism that’s been slammed into my mind day and night. Ugh!

But enough of that, let’s get to the food stuff.

Today’s questions will deal with those who serve us when we eat out. And my focus will be on the one particular person who made this thread’s theme come to mind.

We recently went to visit my aunt in Mount Pleasant, and needed to stop for a quick lunch. So we settled on Hardees, instead of the Wendy’s across from it. Boy howdy, we should have chosen the Wendy’s. The girl behind the counter, when she eventually decided to stop trying to convince herself she knew me, attempted to take our orders. I don’t know if she was new at this job thing, but the process was excruciating.

The table at the booth we chose to sit at was wet, which I assumed/hoped was from a wiping. But since there were no napkins available in the holders to wipe it off, we asked for some to do it ourselves. Oh, no, she would get it for us. Yeeeep, that’s when the battle between her and who must have been her boss started, and let me tell you, if I was her boss…..

Eventually she came over and dumped a pile of napkins on our table, and proceeded to wipe. She actually did a decent job of that. There were enough leftover napkins for an entire day of customers.

Now the question became…..where’s our food. That’s when the boss starts barking at her that it’s ready, and then she starts barking back at him. I start to go up for the food, but she says she’s got it. I decide not to argue with her. Let her boss have that pleasure.

Yes, it’s all about the service. And next time I’m choosing Huddle House.  🙂

1) What’s the best service you’ve ever received?

2) What’s the worst service you’ve ever received?

***And as an added bonus, I’m including this cool video that Duckie sent to me. This is what good service looks like…..


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