Blue Thursday

Posted on LEOS

by SufferforTribe

I usually try to keep the focus of these threads on the positive and/or humorous sides of what police officers go through on a daily basis. But today will be a bit different. I will share a few stories that show the harsh realities side of their very dangerous occupation.

This one brought tears to my eyes, because now a young child has lost something irreplaceable…..and all over a stolen car.

Hundreds pay respect to fallen GA police officer…

This shows the danger, and terrible aftermath, that can result from the stupidity of driving while drunk.

But it also shows that there still is sanity in my state….. 

And this last one has to do with the evil act in Vegas this week. An officer and his brave and loving fiancé, new parents, who were just enjoying a night of country music……

All these families could use some prayers. Many others could, also. Let’s join together and give them some, and may God comfort them all in their time of sorrow.

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