RED Friday Roundup

Those of you who have known me for a few years know how passionate I’ve been about our military, the past administration’s policies and the situation as it grew out of Syria’s civil war and ISIS.  I realize it’s generally easy to be an armchair General, from the comfort of our computers here at home, and that many people could see immediately as the word went out that our Troops would be withdrawing from Iraq- that the situation would not only spill over from Syria, but that there would be plenty of evil characters willing to fill in the vacuum that was created once our troops were withdrawn.

There are so many ins and outs, details and things going on under the cover of secrecy that I realize there were plenty of things that I wrote about which were purely conjecture and wild guesses, but at the same time, much was right on target as far as things progressed over there.

From a few different folks descriptions of friendships between the locals and our troops, especially between so many of our guys and children over there, I was always afraid of what would happen to them as our troops had to leave. Would the people feel betrayed? Would they remember the good things our boys and girls did, or would it all be wiped out by bad decisions made?

I came across this 2 part story detailing one former Army Major’s thoughts on his friends and allies in the Iraqi village of Jaddalah Ismail where he and other Americans made such a difference to the people, and where the people made a life long heart impression on our troops.  It’s a hard look at things I could only guess about, but is so worth reading.

Part 1 
Part 2

One more story for today will warm the HB hearts- as this past Wednesday, five  retired military working dogs were honored on Capitol Hill for their service to the country. It’s estimated that each of these heroes saved 250 lives, and allowed so many of our exceptional to be able to come home.  God bless our 4 footed troops!!  

To all our troops and Veterans, Thank you for who you are and for giving so many peace while losing so much of your own.  God bless and have a safe Day.

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