Air Show and Open Thread

Hi everyone. I hope y’all have had a good and blessed day. I hope TX & Mrs. Frog had a safe flight out this morning. Hope Suffer is feeling better and has a safe trip home.

American Boy and I went to the Florida International Air Show today. It was hot as…. can’t say it, but suffice to say, it was almost worth it to buy water at 3 bucks a bottle.

It was cool. I seem to remember more planes last year, but it was still great- I love seeing the Corsairs and P51 Mustangs,   

and this year’s finale was an incredible display of the F-35 Lighting. Oh man it was soooo loud and awesome!!  And, watching it and the Mustang fly together, I told the boy- you’re looking at about a 75 year span of technology right there. Very impressive.

Oh. And I can’t not mention the US Army Golden Knights either. They were great!

It was sunny for the most part, so my photos aren’t the greatest- can’t see worth beans when it’s so bright, but hope you enjoy them and the raw video of the F-35!

Happy Saturday Night! Consider this an open thread.

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