RED Friday Round up


This past Tuesday, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson awarded Staff Sgt. Richard Hunter, a combat controller with the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron the Air Force Cross, which is the service’s highest medal.

Back in November, 2016 U.S and Afghan forces were ambushed and attacked by heavily armed Taliban fighters in a village outside of Kunduz, Afghanistan.  Capt. Andrew Byers and Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Gloyer were two Special Forces Green Berets who were killed in the battle.  Thank you Sufferfortribe for this part of the story.

Earlier this year, 3 Special Forces Green Berets were awarded the Silver Star, nation’s third-highest award for valor.  One was posthumously awarded to Capt. Byers and the other two went to  surviving teammates, Sgt. 1st Class Brian Seidl and Staff Sgt. Andrew Russell.  I remembered this battle last year when the two were killed, so it was special to see one of them and two others awarded for their incredible bravery as well.

Both accounts are incredible.

Silver Star awarded to three Special Forces Green Berets for their heroism during the “Battle of Boz Qandahari” 

Special Tactics Airman awarded highest USAF honors- the Air Force Cross for heroism during fierce battle at Kunduz

God Bless all our Troops and Veterans. Thank you for being so exceptional. Please Lord keep our Deployed Safe.

Have a blessed RED Friday y’all.

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