Monday Mornings- Open thread

I know this is Monday night, and probably folks don’t expect an open thread right now- but considering the exciting wake up I had for this Monday Morning, I thought I’d see what kinds of interesting Mondays others’ here have had.

Mine started off 2 hours before my alarm was set to go off- and believe me, I needed those 2 hours because I was running on about 5 hours of sleep and was expecting a full and busy day.  American Boy came in to tell me he saw a crash on the interstate, which is just outside our apartment- across the complex- and totally visible to us. Anyway I sleepily said “Ok”, said a prayer hoping no one was hurt and tried to go back to sleep.  He said it looked like a semi and a car, so he was going to go down to the parking lot to look and took his video camera.  I said ok. Then tried to go back to sleep yet again.

A minute or two later, I heard a boom.  Didn’t think much of it, being half asleep/half awake, thought it was a dream or the neighbors. But then I heard another one. Thought to myself, “That was an explosion!”

Got up, opened the door and looked out and sure enough there was thick black smoke spewing into the sky.   I got my slippers on and went downstairs, hearing a ton of sirens, and saw the boy across the parking lot at the fence.  Just watched from a safe distance then he came and showed me what he got on video.  It’s shaky, but at 7 am and all the excitement, it’s not surprising.

Anyway,  I have to go over the interstate on my way to work- there was a parking lot 2 hours later as they were still cleaning & clearing semi debris. The roads south were all jammed with diverted traffic, so my usual 10 minute commute took closer to a half hour, as did for my boss’s wife and our sidekick co worker.

Happy Monday and Thanking God no one was hurt in it. 3 Semi’s involved.  Attempted pass, a clip to the front, jackknife and caught fire. The driver jumped quick and ran. Thank You Lord.

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