RED Friday Roundup


I posted this last evening on the LEO thread, but it needs to be shared again.  Folks who hang out here know how much we treasure our Troops and Veterans- and it’s heart breaking to know so many suffer the effects of PTSD.  Christian singer Brandon Heath’s latest song “You’ll Find Love Again” was written with the sad memories of his friend and youth leader (who led him to Jesus) after he came back from the war with severe PTSD and depression.  Over time, things got worse and after a failed marriage and other issues, he died.

My heart is burdened for our deployed and our Veterans. They all need to know they are so loved, they have a purpose and that whatever they go through- the guilt, anger, depression, horrors of evil, death of friends and fellow troops, Jesus knows it all and has experienced it all.  He Loves them! They are so loved and valuable. They will find love again if they can just turn to Him.

Now for some cool stuff from Sufferfortribe

This is interesting…..

West Point celebrates ‘first shot’ WWI field gun at 100 (PHOTOS)

……..and so is this.

Jogger finds 120mm armor-piercing tank round on afternoon run

Hmm, wouldn’t want to have this under my floor…

French Resistance cache unearthed including STENs named ‘Pepette’ and ‘Alice’ (PHOTOS)

Now this is tempting, but I don’t like to fly.

Pre-owned MiG fighter for sale, make offer (PHOTOS)

One more. I am definitely going to the theater to see this…..

’12 Strong,’ a film about the Green Berets’ famous Horse Soldiers, releases new trailer

How about one more, and this is a good one….long overdue.

US Recognizes, Honors Filipino WWII Veterans 75 Years Later


God Bless our Troops. Lord keep them safe.

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