The Enemies Within

For today’s open thread, I’m going to just post something that lawngren sent to me in e mail a few days ago.

“For reasons I won’t go into, I do not believe we can pullout of the nosedive we’re in.

BUT in this 1.25 hr video, Trevor Loudon capsulizes the Tea Party movement / conservative surge, and gives a resounding Hurrah!!! for what we accomplished. Take a bow, conservatives! Together we accomplished the impossible. Time will tell if we won or lost, but we did the impossible, and here’s your gold star”

While this video is from a few years ago, we still have much we could learn from Mr. Loudon’s warnings.  I remember the passion when I interviewed him a few years ago- and understood so much the reasons.  It’s hard to watch the last bastion of freedom on the brink of collapse because of a minority of people who have collectively worked for decades for no other purpose than to bring a free America to her knees.

I understand lawngren’s belief too that it may be too late to pull out of the nosedive we find our nation in.  I’m reminded  of the “Tytler Cycle”, which describes the eight stages of democracy,

Spiritual Faith
Then starting over with Bondage

But I’m also aware of Biblical evidence that our world is quickly preparing itself for one rule under a man who will be the most evil dictator of all time.  Might our country be saved? I can guarantee that it won’t be through politicians and politics if it is. See the number two stage above?  The American  Revolution was born out of the Great Awakening.  We can’t have a political change without the hearts of the people to change first.  I don’t know if God’s time table will allow for a national revival or not.  Only time will tell.

But it’s still interesting to see the results of a nation which hasn’t heeded not only the warnings of our founders should the people grow complacent, but also the past century of the Western church’s complacency as well as political involvement on both sides of the political spectrum.  We have had many voices giving the same warnings with facts abounding. One of them a New Zealand native who, like millions of immigrants loves this country too much to be complacent.

Thanks for the video suggestion lawngren.

Have a blessed Saturday all.

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