Hi everyone. This is just a quick article to explain a new category we’ve added to the Heart Beat.  If you notice under the article titles, the categories show, for example, Bible Study, Heart Bits, Military, and Welcome for our open threads.

The new category was an idea tossed to me last night by Daisy and I think it’s just right. It’s called “Response”.  A number of times we’ve had some really great comments by you guys- our regular commenters. Sometimes they are worthy of their own post, and can spur whole new discussions for us.

I will post one tomorrow that was sent by lawngren, which was something he originally wanted to comment on last week’s RED Friday article from the song “You’ll Find Love Again” by Brandon Heath.

So, I hope sometimes when you have something to say to any of the articles we have, that you want to expand on, you’ll consider sending it to me for an article.  You folks have ideas, thoughts and opinions that matter, and this will give you the opportunity to share it in a larger space than the comment section.  This place was meant to be all about sharing.

Obviously the content needs to be within the standards we’ve tried to set here, but I know you all are respectful already lol- and care about the loving attitude we all have here.

For now, consider this an open thread.  I hope everyone’s Monday has been blessed!

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