Blue Thursday

by Sufferfortribe

Been a busy week for me, with the move and all, but I wanted to take the time to recognize our men and women in law enforcement. And once again, I’ve found a few stories that cover the entire spectrum of what they do.

Being someone who grew up playing Little League baseball, this story really got me to smiling…..

Fall River Police helping little league team in Houston

Another act of kindness from the Northeast……

Police charity lends helping hand to boy battling cancer

This is proof that some folks ain’t all there, if you know what I mean…..

Driver tells troopers that police pursuit was on his bucket list

Okay, just another reason to despise HOAs…..

HOA warns St. Cloud residents to remove signs supporting law enforcement

And finally, one from L&F’s neck of the woods. Wonder if any of these are the ones she’s dealt with?

Colo. officers hailed as heroes for saving military vet’s life

May you all have a safe Blue Thursday, and please remember to say a prayer for those who serve and protect.

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