Blue Thursday

by Sufferfortribe

Last week I wasn’t busy enough to be stopped from writing this thread, and this week I’m not sick enough to be stopped from doing it again. But I sure wish this stomach would stop already. Ugh!

Okay, let’s start it off with this one. Hehehehe, the headline says it all…..

Ill. man shoots himself in penis while robbing hot dog stand

Talk about wrong place, wrong time…..

Kids agree this guy’s the coolest cop in town

And one more, and this is my favorite. It’s a bit long, but well worth the time……

2 Calif. officers end nearly 30-year partnership

Have a wonderful Blue Thursday! Say a prayer for them, and even tell one thank you…..if you run across one today. Heck, tell them that whenever you see them.

PS from Duckie, there’s one more- American Boy sent it to me on facebook and I just had to share it.  God Bless our LEOs  and Keep them Safe.

Officer Stunned by Little Boy’s Action at Diner

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