Where The Heck Is Hell?

by Lawngren

It’s plain from the language of the Bible that the Jews of both Old and New Testaments believed that hell was inside the earth. A few of the verses demonstrating that are appended to the bottom of this article. But we modern, scientifically-minded, 21st-century humans know that was just superstition. Right?

Not hardly, pilgrim.

My father is a retired mechanical engineer. Several decades ago at a trade show, he was talking to another engineer who had worked in drilling operations, for oil wells I think. This engineer said that for some reason his company had sent a microphone down one of their drillings. He said the sounds they heard were like people screaming in agony. My father asked him for details, but he refused, saying it sounded so horrible he didn’t want to talk about it.

Was he actually hearing the sounds of souls in hell? Or was it just earth movement? Tectonic plates grinding against each other? We probably won’t ever know in this life. I wouldn’t want to try to make a case on just that statement.

But geology and astrophysics back up the Biblical statements about hell being inside earth. Hell is often referred to as “the lake of fire” and “the bottomless pit”, which caused one professor of religion to sneer, “How can hell be both a lake of fire and a bottomless pit?”

Glad you asked, professor.

We know that the earth has a layer of melted rock under the surface. We see what that looks like every time a volcano erupts:

Assume that the liquid rock does not entirely fill the center of the earth. This is a strong possibility, since there have been many volcanic eruptions in history, each one “spilling” a little of the contents of the core. That would mean there is a “surface”. There’s the “lake of fire”. Regardless of the accuracy of that assumption,you don’t have to have a surface for there to be a lake. Geologists have often referred to oil deposits as lakes or pools.

And you can’t pinpoint the bottom.

Earth is not stationary. It’s moving in perhaps as many as six different planes at once:

1) Orbital motion: Earth travels around the sun every 365.25 days
2) Rotational motion: the earth rotates every 24 hours.
3) Axial motion A: the earth wobbles slightly on its axis.
4) Axial motion B: the earth’s axes are reversing polarity. That is, the north pole is  actually moving toward the south pole and vice versa. It’s a very slight motion, but it’s real.
5) Galactic motion: our “spiral galaxy” is expanding, carrying our solar system with it.
6) Universal motion: the Universe is expanding, carrying our galaxy with it in a possibly different direction.

And the liquid contents of earth are therefore constantly shifting, because of centrifugal force and the various and varying gravitational pulls acting on it. Whatever is designated the center today will be different tomorrow, because “the lake of fire” is constantly shifting position, and burping up lava here, re-melting rock there. It’s never static.

And since the innermost core of the earth is a ball of sold iron, the lake of fire is itself a hollow ball. It has a center of gravity (which is constantly shifting) but no center. In this way also it has no bottom.

Voila! A lake that is also a bottomless pit.

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