RED Friday


In our modern society, that is such a fluid word.  With tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, I have to wonder how many people really think about it- and what they think it is.

All humans, no matter what race, culture, social status, or no matter what time in history, everyone has  been given the abilities to think, and to communicate.   It is the ability to think, that gives people ideas, and turns ideas into expression.  We have all been given a conscience, and a way to communicate through speech, yet throughout history, and still in our time, there are millions of people around the world who suffer under authorities which deny even the freedoms to think or speak, or what to believe.

At the HeartBeat, we  honor our troops on Fridays by wearing Red.  Over the years I’ve had a few people wonder why RED, and some have thought it to be more of a communist idea- I guess the color suggests it, however it couldn’t be more wrong.

As most folks here know RED means simply, Remember Everyone Deployed.

We don’t necessarily celebrate our military, but we honor them- because no matter the politics or ideologies of those who make decisions to send our best to wars, conflicts or ‘peace’ missions- we have generations who’ve been willing to go because they have a sense of duty not only to keep our freedom but to help those who’ve been denied it.

In spite of all things which divides us all, people want the freedom to think, believe and decide what’s best for themselves and their families.

A few times this week we’ve had discussions on ‘free will’ that God has given humans. Whether we make the right choices or not, we have the freedom to choose.  Every person deserves that same freedom because it’s God given.  And I’m grateful to God for so many of our Troops who give so much so that maybe others can have a chance to have it too.

To all our Troops- Thank you. God bless and be safe.

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