Blue Thursday

by Sufferfortribe 
Hey, its that time again. Time to put the spotlight on our brave officers of the law. I really enjoy finding these stories for you, and appreciate when you give thanks for them. But may they receive the appreciation they deserve for risking it all day after day, to keep our streets as safe as possible. Considering the dangers and dangerous people out there, kudos to brave protectors.
As always, we’ve got a variety of things this week, so let’s get started.
These first two focus on the reality of the dangers they face daily. How the officer in this one didn’t even get wounded makes me believe that God was watching over him…..
And this one has a happy ending, iffin you like country music…..
This is proof that every day brings different challenges for officers…..
This is a short but good one about reaching out to the community, and someone in particular. I love these kind. It shows what’s in their heart…..
I thought I was a bad dancer (I am), but at least they’re doing it for a good cause…..
Finally, this one touches on a subject near and dear to my heart~~food. And to think I’ll probably be going to IHOP again this Thanksgiving with my son…..
Been a long time since I’ve had a real sit down Thanksgiving meal. Don’t see that changing this year. But I’m still thankful for all of God’s blessings in my life. And that includes all the brave and courageous law enforcement officers. Say a prayer for them.
May God watch over them, and keep them safe.

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