Red Friday

Sometimes music speaks my heart more than I can articulate through words.

Everyone here loves and honors our military so much. Some have had family members who’ve served, and some have and still serve.  I am so grateful, yet I also can’t imagine being a part of a military family. I can’t imagine the sacrifices military spouses, kids and parents make every day while their loved one is gone.

I’ve been blessed to have a special friendships with a few, one in particular, my best friend whom I miss incredibly much when he’s gone.  I’ve gone through times of urgent prayers, wondering, waiting, fear, anxiety when he’s gone and not been able to know where and how he is. And I’ve been incredibly overjoyed when he comes home.  But being a friend is so much different than being there as family.

Today, I want to dedicate this RED Friday to our military families- who go through so much, yet also sacrifice birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and just every day things without being able to experience them together as a couple, or a family.  They give so much more along with their loved ones.  And from the bottom of my heart I am grateful to you too for sharing your Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman so the rest of us can enjoy and experience peace and freedom.


God watch over and protect our deployed wherever they are.

Be safe and blessed.

Hoping, waiting, praying and wearing Red- until you all come home.

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