Saturday Blessings


For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

Well it seems like I like putting stuff in categories around here, and keep on coming up with different ideas for days.  I think there are a few advantages to that right now. Since I’m so busy and can’t think or find time to write as much as I’d like to, it gives me a chance to just post a general thread for folks to hang out on, but it also gives us a chance to have others write what’s on their hearts as well.

I’m thinking every thread is fine for o/t especially when it involves a prayer need- but since Saturdays are kind of slow around here, it’d be a good place to stop sometime in the day, check out any prayer needs, or add your own or praises- and pray.  We can remind folks of prayer needs too. If folks are like me, stuff slips their minds and we forget sometimes who needs what prayers. Even though God knows them all, it’s still good to ask specific prayers for those who need.

Welcome then to our first Saturday Blessings thread-

Any praises and/or prayers, feel free to shout it out or ask it here.  And as I’ve gone over the past few years with prayers for big and small things, don’t ever feel like something is insignificant or too small or silly to pray about.

The veil was torn, so we could come to the Holy place for our petitions to be heard.

I think there are some things we should pray for every day:

Our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted, the lost, our church (the body of Christ & leaders) our country, our leaders, our military and our first responders, and Israel.

My praise today is Thanksgiving for all who come visit the Heart Beat, whether you comment or prefer reading quietly from the ‘shadows’. I’m grateful God blessed us with this site and for all who may find encouragement and peace here.

I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday.

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