Warrior Wednesday Thanks Giving

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The War to end all wars was a time when families prayed for their soldiers to come home safe, but even more so, hoped they could be home by the Holidays.Since those days there has never been a time where there hasn’t been a conflict, aid mission or war somewhere in the world.  To many, there is no chance to come home anytime soon, least of all in time for Thanksgiving, 

Too many still ‘enjoy’ a turkey dinner with a little bit of sand mixed in…

My prayer for Thanksgiving is that no one forgets the cost someone else paid so we could enjoy time with families and friends on holidays, and maybe find some way to honor them as they sit down to their feast.

The first Thanksgiving with  just the boy and I, was quiet and  reflective- with Michael passing away 3 days before, this is not the easiest of Holidays, however he is present at our table, as are our Veterans and Deployed Troops. With the 3 candles I light, we say a prayer of Thanksgiving for the time we had with Michael, and give thanks for our Veterans and ask for peace and safety for our Troops.

God bless those who sacrifice for us, time which in a perfect world would be spent with their families and friends on Thanksgiving and every day. Bless them for giving so much for the rest if us, and keep them safe today and every day.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to all our Troops and Veterans.

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