Blue Thanks Giving

by sufferfortribe

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving, so let’s be thankful I got around to writing this thread. Haha, just kidding.

But seriously, today is when we take time to be thankful for many different things, like family, friends, and health.

I want to say I’m thankful for everything God has done in my life. Blessing me with a son, a loving family, and my online family, too. Also, a wonderful home church and this new home I’m in. Geez, I could go on forever with things I’m thankful for.

But the thing I’m most thankful for? Jesus Christ, and what he did for us. Without that, many wouldn’t be here today. And to think that we still have eternity to look forward to. 🙂

Being that it’s also Thursday, let us be thankful for the men and women who protect and serve us daily, our brave law enforcement community. In fact, let’s be thankful for all first responders. Where would we be without them?

Okay, I have some really good links for today. I hope you enjoy them. And remember, say a prayer for them all.

Ooh, I like Big Red…..
Elderly woman who bargained with EMS for a Big Red has a sweet update

One kind, selfless act leading to many others…..
Calif. officer’s kidney donation leads to lifesaving chain of events

And another kind act, this one in my neck of the woods….. San Bernardino company gifts handicap-accessible shower to Las Vegas shooting survivor from Rancho Cucamonga

Heroics from my home state…..
Troopers save boy from choking at Ohio Chick-fil-A

Charity from the heart…..
Colo. LEOs and firefighters square off in charity hockey game

I had to include this one, because, well……it’s stupidly entertaining.
Video: Suspect dances for Texas cops after leading them on pursuit

And finally…..ARF! ARF!
Video of Ala. K-9 doing pushups alongside officers goes viral

May God bless you all today as you spend time with those you love, eating way too much, and may He bless those who are giving up that very thing to keep us safe.

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