RED Friday

Somehow it doesn’t feel like Friday again already, but here we are- and I hope folks are wearing RED.  It’s hard to think of something for today, the day after Thanksgiving, to say about those who couldn’t be home to celebrate with their families and friends.

There are still so many deployed in hot spots around the globe, and back in Afghanistan again.  Add to that training exercises and readiness, those stationed at bases around the globe,  there are thousands of people who’ve given up so much to be in harm’s way.

We’ve lost quite a few of our cherished military members this year, and the search for 3 missing sailors has been called off.

While the holidays are upon us, most people don’t want to be reminded, but we need to be aware of and remember the ultimate sacrifice for freedom that we are indebted to.

Sometimes there are just no words- because thank You isn’t enough.

To all who have served and still put yourselves in harm’s way for the rest of us, thank you isn’t enough, but you have our hearts and prayers while you’re gone.

God bless and be safe today and every day.

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