Sunday Showtime

OK I admit, this is probably more a chick show than anything else. But I wanted to post this episode of Touched by an Angel for 3 reasons. One, it’s my favorite, two, it has Randy Travis in it. 3, Della Reese was an amazing actress and she passed away this week. And, it’s Christmas themed.   OK that was 4 reasons.

I can’t seem to make time go slower, and I’m not nearly ready to think about Christmas but since it’s coming on fast, I guess we’ll use this Sunday Showtime to kick off the Christmas season- so go ahead and think of your favorite songs and recipes and anything else Christmassy you want to start posting (but please go easy on the Christmas tunes that drive us all nuts because they are played ad nauseum every year) 😉

Anyway, I hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday whether you watch this or you’re being a scrooge.

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