Blue Thursday

by Sufferfortribe

I’ve been fairly busy this week, so I’m throwing this week’s thread together really quick. But I did find some interesting tidbits from the law enforcement world.

First up, just what exactly is this guy thinking? Duh, it’s who they are. What’s next, no uniforms? Guns?
Conn. chief’s ban of word ‘police’ on outerwear sparks outrage among rank and file

This is different, and a reminder of the dangers they face daily.
‘Blue Lives Matter’ Christmas Tree Sent To Baltimore PD In Wake Of Detective’s Death 

These next 3 show caring and compassion that goes beyond their regular duties. You might need tissues for the third one.

2 off-duty Calif. deputies help man bitten by shark

Redlands officer repairs woman’s wheelchair after hit-and-run

N.H. police officer donates liver to save 4-month-old baby in Mass.

And to finish up, how about another episode of “not the brightest bulb in the package”?
Transient gets a (criminal) charge out of juicing up cell phone at Riverside police facility

As always, say a prayer for all our brave LEOs. May they make it home safely at the end of the day.

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