Sunday thoughts and maybe something to Watch

I had just opened up youtube yesterday to find something for today. I don’t know (at the time I write- it’s Saturday evening) if I’ll find something suitable for everyone as far as movies go.

But yeah, you all know I love Ravi Zacharias’s teaching and happened to see this in my suggestions. It made me think of Wahoo and CarFan because it’s geared towards their ages. I realize that not everyone has experiences of ridicule from peers and teachers, but it’s growing pretty much to be a regular thing.  I have always found it so interesting that the most vehement arguments against Christianity is for one thing based on ‘religion’, not the ‘relationship’ and made by many who espouse the virtues of other religions which they believe are more ‘inclusive’.

Anyway. This is a good, rambling talk by Ravi. He shares various experiences with some good solid Biblical common sense.  I especially love what he says about the ‘rudderless boat’ and how sometimes we have no choice but just to trust while we’re in one.  His answer on what the true miracle is too, is well worth all of us remembering.

I hope folks enjoy this… (I embedded to start at the introduction)

OK so, what to post for something to watch….

Kind of sappy, but a nice story to keep in Christmas themes.

Have  a blessed Sunday all

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