Why is it sometimes we fail to think about what we know already, miss an opportunity and/or totally go against everything we think so natural for others to do, but not ourselves?

One thing I really can’t stand is hypocrites & hypocrisy. Yet, sometimes I feel like the biggest one of all when I consider my “advice” to others but have a hard time listening to it for myself.

Sometimes I really don’t want to write about the things I do or don’t do because I don’t enjoy sharing the crappy side of me. Sometimes though, sharing the selfish, hypocritical side can help us to grow in a mature faith.  If anyone was an example of this, it was Paul who exhorted his shortcomings. Not to brag, but to grow and help others to grow.

So many Bible verses come to my mind now days after the fact, that I am totally ashamed-

Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me…

As I look at that verse, and think of all what Jesus did for me… the thought of not doing for Him is like a kick in the gut and breaks my heart. I try to do good things for people whenever I can, but if I’m honest, mostly when it’s convenient.

Would I look at Jesus and say, “I’m sorry Lord, but I’m not feeling well,  I have groceries that I need to get in the fridge and I’m tired. But I hope you find someone to give you a ride to the bank…”?

I would hope not, but in essence I do, every time I don’t do something that prompts this kind of conviction in my heart. A missed opportunity, either just not thinking about it, or a blatant, “No”, Lord, I’m not gonna… I don’t feel like it right now.”

If I did what a Christian ought to do- in seeing others through His eyes… or more specifically, seeing HIM in others, maybe we wouldn’t have such a hard time with his commandment to “love one another“.

In trying to learn, and really understand some of Scripture more deeply, the depth of God’s love just gets more and more incredible- but at the same time makes my own unworthiness and filthy rags that much more disgusting.

I know the typical polite response of most of us is, we’re all works in progress, don’t worry about it, you will do the right thing next time… which is sweet, but not helpful.  Not that I want people to mock me as being a crappy person either, but just as I said, to help each other to grow. I need to grow. We all do, and being honest about our choices sometimes can help us do that, although I’m not sure how right now- but I don’t doubt that God laid this on my heart to write, so I’m saying yes to Him this time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word Forsake for the past few days. We tend to use it in the context of a place, or at least I know I do when I think of some of the worst places in this world that seem to be God forsaken.

But again, trying to grasp the deeper meaning of it, the essence and context of it… It is a verb, which is an action. Meaning to renounce or give up something or someone highly valued. Synonyms include disown, disclaim, abandon, wash one’s hands of, turn their back on…

You get the point.  As usual I’m sure a lot of folks reading this have already figured and know about, but sometimes it takes me a while to really get “it”.

Yes, Jesus suffered torture and an excruciating, humiliating death while He was completely innocent- for me. But how much more does it mean when I say “no” to Him, when I consider He also took total abandonment and renunciation of God, His Father, because the sin was so great on Him that God had to turn away?  Jesus was abandoned while on that cross, so I don’t have to be, and neither does anyone else.

In spite of my stupid selfish ways, He still loves me and is helping me to understand more so I can let Him change my heart.  He doesn’t need me, and gains nothing by changing my heart, but because of His incredible love, He does these things. I’m forever grateful for Him for that.

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Monday.

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