Blue Thursday

by Sufferfortribe

Morning, all. I’m gonna do this like usual, but I was also able to find a few stories about dim bulbs, unsharpened pencils…..whatever you want to call them. You know ‘em, you love to read about ‘em, our entertaining law breakers and their escapades! I also found some off-the-wall stories that are cool.

So here goes. Enjoy, and please remember to pray for all our officers out there who are doing their best to keep our streets safe.

1) See, this is what happens when you run from the po-lice. But make sure to read until the end, because it gets better…..
Texas deputy slips in mud, accidentally shoots hit-and-run suspect in face

2) Okay, coffee is wonderful, but seriously?
Buffalo man charged with impersonating police officer after trying to get discounted coffee

3) Glad this wasn’t me. Wow! And it survived….
Video: Deer hit by vehicle crashes through Minn. deputy’s squad car

4) Dang, Duckie, what is going on in your neck of the woods? Ewwwww…
Fla. man urinates, falls asleep in front of Steak ‘n Shake customer

5) Ahhhh, look at the cute puppies. Wait a minute, those are no puppies……
Firefighters help rescue 3 dogs stuck in storm drain

6) Yep, this is what the devil’s brew will do to ya….
Opossum breaks into liquor store and gets drunk as a skunk

7) Just say no to drugs……and Google maps!
Man leading police pursuit crashes checking phone for directions

8) And finally, my favorite. I’ll let it speak for itself…..
Woman parks in NY police chief’s spot while smoking marijuana

Have a glorious day! God is good!

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