The Virtues of the Sermon on the Mount

by Heather 

A year ago, at the conclusion of a series of Sunday sermons on ‘The Sermon on the Mount’, we were given a prayer card that had the following:

A Weekly Continual Prayer for 21 Spiritual Virtues in the Sermon on the Mount

“Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.”
Matthew 7:7

The virtues found in the Sermon on the Mount are worthy of our continual asking, seeking and knocking for our lives.


Poor in spirit (a personal acknowledgment of our spiritual and moral inadequacies)–Matthew 5:3
Meek (a humility that banishes all pride)–Matthew 5:5
Merciful (our loving response prompted by the misery and helplessness of another)–Matthew 5:7


Pure in heart (without hypocrisy)–Matthew 5:8
Peacemaker (lessening tensions, seeking solutions, ensuring that communication is understood)–Matthew 5:9
Salt of the earth (help prevent moral decay and restrain the fulfillment of evil in the world)–Matthew 5:13


Light of the world (illuminates, guides, exposes, brings clarity, causes growth)–Matthew 5:14
Righteousness (our motive to do right things comes from our love for God and others)–Matthew 5:20
Be a Reconciler (bring others together, bring others to God)–Matthew 5:24-25


Avoid lust (stop, remove, run from sin)–Matthew 5:28
Keep promises (be a person of your word)–Matthew 5:37
Go the extra mile (go over and above what is asked of you with a good attitude)–Matthew 5:41


Love your enemies (seeks the highest good for the one who has caused us pain, injury, hurt)–Matthew 5:44
Be perfect (mature, fulfill purpose)–Matthew 5:48
Humbly serve and give (our religious devotions must be quiet so we don’t boast about them)–Matthew 6:1


Forgive others (let go, drop the bitterness towards others who have hurt you)–Matthew 6:14
Be heavenly-minded (invest your thoughts and life in what God is doing)–Matthew 6:20
Serve God only (choose to serve and love God)–Matthew 6:24


Don’t worry about life’s necessities (trust in the power of God to work out all our problems)–Matthew 6:25
Do not judge others with a self-righteous attitude (don’t be a fault-finder, negative or destructive)–Matthew 7:1
Do to others, what you would have them do to you (treat others like you would like to be treated)–Matthew 7:12

these are good to meditate on and think about as we go about our busy week- especially coming up to Christmas when everything is a little more than crazy. Have a blessed Sunday all!

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