RED Friday

I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams…..

I posted this under Military and Heart Bits, because it’s a bit of both.  As I wrote at Thanksgiving, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  As we gear up for Christmas in a few days, my heart is with a few who most likely won’t be home for another Christmas, and with so many deployed, it’s hard to think of how many miss their families and friends at this time of year.


I wrote this poem a few years ago, missing my best friend at Christmas, and thinking of so many others again who were gone, so I’d like to share it here.

This Christmas Day

Alone she sits, the tree by the window sparkles with light
Her thoughts are a million miles away on this silent night
she wonders about her best friend who’s far away
She wishes she could talk to him on this Christmas day.

Alone is he as his job requires of him
the sounds of his brothers going ahead grow dim
He watches, always watches through his sight
knowing that his vigilance could avert any fight.

His mind won’t let him think of those back home
he knows that this Christmas he will spend alone
With his brothers whom he watches out for as they move away
What they must do doesn’t stop, not even for this Christmas day.

As the darkness outside begins to fade
She gets up tired for her sleep was delayed
She turns off the lights, blows out the small candle flame
She knows other families miss their loved ones much the same.

She wishes they could be with their families at home
instead of some far off place with each other yet still alone
she lay down as the room gets brighter and prays
for her friend and his brothers to be safe this Christmas day.

On such a day meant to reflect on Christ’s birth
She thinks of their sacrifice and how much they’re worth
The Lord was born to die, to lay His life down for others
much like her soldiers for their friends, families, lovers.

Please Lord God, bless our troops this prayer I send
give them peace, safety, Your refuge, Your love that will never end
Please watch over them while they are all so far away
Always, no matter when, but especially this Christmas Day.


To all our troops and Veterans, God bless and thank you for so much more than we can ever say. To all our deployed, Please be safe. You are so loved and missed.

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