Warrior Wednesday

I spent some time looking around at different sites trying to find some inspiring or interesting articles to share for today, and found a couple that I think folks will appreciate. I don’t want to take away from any of them, so lets cut to the chase shall we…

First off, Three Soldiers were awarded Army Commendation Medals with V devices for their quick actions after a suicide bomber set off his VBEID in Afghanistan last month, saving 2 lives after the attack. Sgt. Joshua Sears, Spc. Garrett “Doc” Young and Sgt. Mark Andrisek were honored at Bagram on December 20th, and President Trump visited 1st Lt. Victor Prato, the platoon leader who was injured during the attack, awarding him with a Purple Heart while recovering at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Although they don’t consider their actions anything more than ‘another day at the office, read the amazing heroics here.

Some people would find this next one a bit controversial, and while it’s understandable that they’d question the loyalties of people trying to come to America from the Middle East, I have heard a lot of stories on just how much translators have put their lives on the line during the past 2 decades to help American troops. This story makes me happy and I pray this man and his family can live a safe and productive lives as Americans.

Veteran US Army Sgt. Vincent Lang who was in Iraq in 2003; along with  U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and others have succeeded in bringing his ex Iraqi military interpreter along with his family to the US. Read the whole story here.

This is an interesting story about a Chaplain in Vietnam who’s base at  Dak To, near the Cambodian border (and within a few miles of the infamous Ho Chi Minh trail) was surrounded by 5,000 vietcong who were planning on massacring the US troops one night… According to the battalion commander, “God Delivered us that night”.

To all our Troops and Veterans, be safe, and thank you for your incredible service.

Have a blessed day all.


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