Blue Thursday

**Hey everyone, this one was actually sent by Sufferfortribe for last week, but I had an article from lawngren who had been gone for a couple of weeks. Hope you don’t mind. These are great stories even if a little late. And I have one more that Daisy sent me yesterday I’ll add at the end. 

by Sufferfortribe

Hi, everyone! It’s another beautiful (but chilly) day here in SoCal. Things are hopping, with all the Christmas shopping going on. Unfortunately for me, I’ve had to wander the freeways a few times, but we do what we must, right? But I won’t complain, because it’s nice for a change to have reasons for being out there. I hope and pray for safety over all of you, and all others out there doing their shopping.

I’m gonna make this quick, as I once again have some things to accomplish today. I found 6 stories, and will put 3 and 3 together. These first 3 are of the caring, giving type…..

1) From a tragedy that could have been avoided comes good.
Ohio police, town rally around 9 children of mother who died of an overdose

2) From protecting the public, to serving the public…
Port Authority Police Officers Who Took Down Terror Suspect Help Out At Holiday Toy Drive In Newark

3) Too bad the major media outlets don’t cover worthwhile events like this. Compassion in action is such a beautiful sight.
NC LEOs treat at-risk children to Christmas shopping spree

~~Okay, these 3 are of the “law enforcement in action” variety, but not the usual everyday kind.~~

4) Hey! What’s going on here? That’s not Santa!
Police: Man gets stuck in chimney during burglary attempt

5) As a regular Amazon customer, this one made me smile big time! Hehehehe!
Minn. police catch package-stealing Grinch thanks to GPS device

6) Mmmmmmm……CHOCOLATE!!
Police: Sweet tip led to recovery of candy factory’s stolen bear statue

Well, I hope you enjoyed these. Have a blessed and glorious day, and remember to say a prayer for all our brave and fearless officers out there, putting it on the line every day.

But wait! There’s one more…. here’s the one from Daisy,
Quiet Warrior, Why it matters that we honor our best…

Have a blessed day all, and God watch over all who put their lives on the line for us every day.

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