Ringing in the New Year….Eve

Well, this has been quite a year again. One a lot of people would just assume to forget about or at least be glad it’s about done.  Like Christmas, sometimes the prospect of another new year is hard to get into the spirit of.  One wants to be positive and look forward, hoping the new year will be a clean slate and that things will be better all around. That is always my hope anyway,  even if it’s sometimes hard to articulate in a way that exudes positive attitudes.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions- one of the things about going through life to the beat of your own drum is that things change constantly, so while resolutions can be a good thing, circumstances don’t normally allow for them.  Maybe that’s a pitiful excuse, but I’m sticking by it lol.

I am looking forward to saying good bye to another hard year, another year of sadness for too many people I know, and hoping that 2018 (man, I just got used to writing 2017 without thinking of it!) will be a year where a once long ago message was brought to the world, where the message of peace and good will to men will be lived and displayed on a daily basis by those of us who believe in our Savior.  I pray it will be a year of changed hearts and better witness, where people will be open to desiring the hope that we have in us.

I’d like to end this year reminding us of one of the main verses which I think of whenever I come to the Heart Beat…

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 

Happy New Year’s Eve to all who have graced our porch with your presence whether you’ve been here ‘out loud’ since we started, a part timer,  a relative ‘newbie’ or one of the folks who prefer just to ‘listen in’.  One great thing about this past year is God blessing us with a place to encourage, care and listen to one another. Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of it.

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