Warrior Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already!  I don’t have anything special for today, but I did happen upon this interesting historical find from the Navy Times:

At the US Naval Academy Museum at Annapolis, Maryland, Flags captured by the US Navy have been rediscovered after being hidden nearly 100 years.

Charles Swift, the museum’s managing director and curator, learned that conservationists had uncovered dozens of flags, many which had been captured by the Navy in different conflicts of the 19th century.

The 46 flags which includes banners from battles in Asia and the Spanish-American War had originally been put on display in 1913.

Seven years later, they were covered up by 15 flags from the War of 1812 and have been hidden ever since…

Click on the link above to read the rest and see a few more photos of these amazing finds.

In a totally different direction… I didn’t even know these guys were still around lol. But found this when I was looking for something to play on this thread. My sister met a few of these guys years ago for a charity event at her work and said they are genuine, caring and amazing guys. Seeing this video now, it doesn’t surprise me.

Back in 2016, the rock band KISS pledged allegiance to the flag at a concert,  presented a check for 150,000.00 to Veterans and played the National Anthem….

Rock on and have a blessed Wednesday all.

To all our Troops and Veterans, God bless and thank You for your Service!

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