Blue Thursday

by SufferforTribe

After last week’s somber reminder of the dangers faced daily by our brave warriors of the streets, it’s time for something on the lighter side. And it seems too easy sometimes to find these types of stories. These people are everywhere, and that’s scary. Heck, one could be living right next door to you. 😳

But then again, without them, how would we enjoy the entertainment value they provide? So, without further ado, let’s enjoy them at their finest…..

1) It’s nice to know there are citizens out there concerned about the drunk drivers on our roadways…..Audio: Man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving 

2) Now this guy really likes his bicycle. And his infatuation has now created a problem for him. Makes me wonder just what kind it is….. Police: Man broke into Provo police station to take back bicycle

3) Oh, geez, look at this mugshot! Now it all makes sense!… Police: Snow thwarts shoplifter in ND

4) Now this is true love. Maybe they can be wedded by the prison chaplain?… Case of suspect who allegedly robbed bank after buying engagement ring goes to grand jury

5) Northern California, Southern California, doesn’t matter. It’s still the same. They are everywhere out here, and this is one of the best ever. Seriously, it was 1:45am, he illegally parked by a fire hydrant, and he expected this would end well? SMH. Make sure to read the PD Facebook post. It’s good…. Man on his way to drug deal asks Calif. cops for directions

As always, say a prayer for our LEOs out there. They really do help.

Now let’s go ahead and comment on the stories and whatever else is on your mind today. May God bless you all!

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