Blue Thursday

by SufferforTribe

So I’m sitting out on my balcony relaxing, and realize I haven’t written anything for Blue Thursday yet. So, for the sake of time, here’s what I got…..

1) Yeah, I’d bet the bus driver freaked on this one. Remember kids, LSD and driving don’t mix well… New Dashcam Video Shows Sedan Launch Into Air as It Hurls Into 2nd Floor of Santa Ana Building

2) Let’s stay in California for another. At least this guy gets points for creativity…
Man cited after using ‘Chucky’ Doll for carpool lane

3&4) Here’s a couple stories featuring wheelchairs. Yes, wheelchairs…

Video: Officer pushes stranded woman in wheelchair all the way home

Officer helps out homeless wheelchair user in Miami 

5) Now, I’ve done some crazy things in my life, but never this… least that I can remember…. Police: Beer theft leads to high-speed chase | Rutland Herald

6) Okay, just how old is too old? Shouldn’t he be on Social Security or something?
7) And finally, my favorite. You’ll love this one.
How cool is that!
Remember, say a prayer for them all, and for all the other First Responders out there.

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