Warrior Wednesday

My son likes military history, mostly about the aircraft and tanks, but he posts a lot of interesting things on facebook when he finds something he likes.  He posted an older story from a few years ago earlier which I went and read, and checked out the site’s other articles. There was a lot of interesting reading there.

Since it’s Warrior Wednesday and I usually like to post things more towards our Veterans on these posts, I thought I’d share a couple of amazing stories for today. None of these are significant as far as dates or anniversaries go, but as for heroics go, these people ought to be recognized any day or time.

The first story is about John R. Fox,  a 1st Lieutenant of the 366th Infantry Regiment with the 92nd Infantry Division who was killed in action when he deliberately called artillery fire on his own position after his position was overrun. By sacrificing himself, he succeeded in defeating a German attack in northern Italy during World War II….

This is the story of Canadian and national hero, Ernest Alvia “Smokey” Smith who was the last living Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross and the only private in the Canadian Armed Forces to receive this decoration during the Second World War. His story is typical Canadian- colorful and incredible….

One more, the story of Sergeant First Class Howard who had served with the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam–Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). It was a highly classified organization carrying out secret operations throughout Vietnam and the surrounding territories. He had been nominated twice for the Medal of Honor for incredible heroics in Vietnam, but since they were carried out in Laos, he was denied twice. You can read an account of his amazing service here

and hear him describing his life and service here,

Thank You Lord for our troops and Veterans who continue to give so much for the rest of us.

I hope all have a safe and blessed day.

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