Don’t be Surprised

Political analyst and radio personality Steve Deace once said that Jesus didn’t warn us about wolves, he warned us of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  There is evil we know, but there is also that subtle evil, blurring  the lines that the enemy is so good at to deceive.
There is always just enough truth mixed with lies to make it seem OK, or believable.

Most of us know to discern and question the spirit when something doesn’t seem quite right, but the enemy is slick and the Bible also warns that someone will come some day that even the elect would be deceived if the days were not cut short. This leads one to understand that as the times wax worse, the deceptions will be that much more insidious and coming from those who claim to be Christian, and even strong Christians could be deceived into following something that leads to destruction.

Again here is Pastor Adrian Rogers, this week on surviving apostasy…

Have a blessed Sunday all.

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