Warrior Wednesday

Last week American boy went to see the movie 12 Strong with the men’s life group from church.  They were impressed with the story as well as the movie.   Most folks who know me, know I have a special place in my heart for all our Troops and Veterans, but especially for our Special Forces.  There are more reasons to post here why, but mainly because they live the creed in which they swear their oath to…

I am an American Special Forces Soldier!
I will do all that my nation requires of me. I am a volunteer, knowing well the hazards of my profession.
I serve with the memory of those who have gone before me. I pledge to uphold the honor and integrity of their legacy in all that I am – in all that I do.
I am a warrior. I will teach and fight whenever and wherever my nation requires. I will strive always to excel in every art and artifice of war.
I know that I will be called upon to perform tasks in isolation, far from familiar faces and voices. With the help and guidance of my faith, I will conquer my fears and succeed.
I will keep my mind and body clean, alert and strong. I will maintain my arms and equipment in an immaculate state befitting a Special Forces Soldier, for this is my debt to those who depend upon me.
I will not fail those with whom I serve. I will not bring shame upon myself or Special Forces.
I will never leave a fallen comrade. I will never surrender though I am the last. If I am taken, I pray that I have the strength to defy my enemy.
I am a member of my Nation’s chosen soldiery, I serve quietly, not seeking recognition or accolades. My goal is to succeed in my mission – and live to succeed again.
De Oppresso Liber


The few I know, the Veterans and those still serving are the epitome of professionalism and character, and I will always have that special place in my heart and prayers for them.

I know there are a few folks who would like to see the movie 12 Strong, but until then, I wanted to share this article about those Special Forces who were the first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11/o1.  Our SF are still there 17 years later…

Soldiers recount true story behind ’12 Strong’…. 

and bonus, Horse Soldiers go Hollywood, behind the scenes of 12 Strong… 

To all our troops and Veterans, thank you for your incredible service. To our deployed troops, God bless and be safe.

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